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Updated: Jan 10, 2019

Let's work together!

Hello and welcome to the "Piecing Together ABA" Blog!

The overall goal of this blog is to provide information regarding Applied behavior Analysis (ABA) in a manner that stays true to the science of ABA, while simplifying it and giving practical examples. Discussing the examples and bouncing around ideas, is a great way to work through the topics discussed. Please feel free to share any information you have that may benefit others regarding the topics I have introduced. While I share many links, pleas note that I am in no way affiliated with any of the sites in any way and I am not paid by any of the companies.

Have any topics that you may want to discuss? Let me know and I will research it and create a blog post for that as well! As a currently practicing BCBA, I will help you unravel the mysteries and jargon in research and turn it into easy to understand everyday conversation.

NOTE: Please remember to discuss ideas in a kind and courteous manner and refrain from making any offensive comments. We are simply here to discuss ideas and help each other translate research into understandable and practical ideas.

Knowledge is the first piece of the special needs puzzle that we are all attempting to piece together. Because of this, it has become increasingly important to educate ourselves and acquire as much information as possible on these topics to truly benefit the special needs children in your lives. Unfortunately, it is not lack of information that makes this difficult, instead it is the absolutely overwhelming amount of information available that makes this a herculean task. ABA is one of the most widely discussed topics due to its effectiveness in improving the quality of life for individuals on the spectrum. While there is a ton of information available online regarding ABA, Autism Speaks does an excellent job of summarizing ABA and all it's benefits. It is important to note that ABA strategies can be used with any child or adult with or without a diagnosis. The science of ABA can be ethically implemented to improve the quality of life of any individual.

ABA techniques work best when they are applied round the clock. It begins with the therapists who create a plan for the child and the family. At home, parents and caregivers need to continue to implement the routines set forth by their analysts to ensure consistency. In school teachers should also be implementing ABA techniques to the best of their abilities. Training on ABA topics will help ensure everyone can work together effortlessly to ensure the best results for the child's improvement.

Always remember we are a team working together for the benefit of our kiddos!

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Dec 10, 2018

Thank you for the insightful post! Look forward to reading more!

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